Smithfield Police Officers Promoted

(left to right) Smithfield Police Sergeant Richard Conerly, Lieutenant Samuel Jones, Administrative Captain Ryan Sheppard, Mayor Andy Moore, and Police Chief Keith Powell. Photo

Three Smithfield police officers received new oaths of office last week after being promoted.

Officer Ryan Sheppard was promoted to Administrative Captain. Samuel Jones was promoted to Lieutenant of the “A” Team Patrol. Richard Conerly was promoted to Patrol Sergeant supervising the “D” Team Patrol.

Sheppard has been with the department for 17 years. Jones has been with the agency 19 years and Conerly 9 years.

All three officers received a 5 percent salary increase with the promotion.

During the Dec. 6th ceremony at the Smithfield Town Hall, each officer received their new badge and were congratulated by members of the Smithfield Town Council. Photo