Smoke Testing Of Sewer Lines Underway In Benson

Town-of-Benson-FIThe Town of Benson wants residents to know they will be conducting smoke testing in the sewer collection system throughout Town.

Testing began today (Monday) and will continue throughout the month of August. The field crews will blow smoke into manholes in order to locate broken pipes and other defects in the sewer system. 

Residents may see smoke from vent pipes, around service connections, catch basins, manholes and potentially from plumbing fixtures inside your residence or business.  The smoke used is specifically made for this use and is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and does not create a fire hazard.  The smoke has a distinctive odor, but it is not harmful to humans or pets.

In order to help prevent smoke from entering your home or business, you are advised to run one gallon of water through any seldom used sinks or showers, or other drains.  This will help fill the trap and prevent smoke from entering your home or business.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact Benson Public Utilities Director Stephen Phillips at 919-894-3553.