Social Security – Why Don’t I Get Annual Cost Of Living Adjustments?

Social Security Matters by Rusty Gloor, National Social Security Advisor at the AMAC Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Association of Mature American Citizens

Dear Rusty: I get a NET amount of $210 from Social Security plus get an alimony check of $1,400. Other people I know get a COLA increase every year, but I was told I am not eligible? But no reason was given. Why am I not eligible? Signed: Struggling Senior

Dear Struggling Senior: Everyone who collects Social Security receives the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), so whoever told you that you aren’t eligible for a COLA increase was incorrect. However, keep in mind that COLA is applied to your gross Social Security payment, not your net payment.

One thing which can happen, especially to those whose Social Security payment is small, is that an increase to the Medicare Part B premium may consume your COLA increase. Here’s an example of how that might occur:

You say your NET Social Security amount is $210. Assuming you are enrolled in Medicare, your gross Social Security payment (before the Medicare Part B premium is deducted) is probably about $380. The COLA increase for 2022 was 5.9%, which would increase your gross Social Security payment from about $380 to about $402, an increase of about $22. However, the 2022 Medicare Part B premium also increased by nearly $22 and, since your Medicare premium is deducted from your Social Security benefit, your NET Social Security payment wouldn’t change. I suspect this is why you didn’t see the Cost of Living Adjustment in your Social Security payment – an increase to your Medicare Part B premium most likely offset all of your COLA increase.

I know (and agree) this seems unfair, but inflation has also affected healthcare costs in general and Medicare premiums in particular, and a Medicare premium increase unfortunately offsets at least some of, and sometimes all of, the annual COLA received by all Social Security beneficiaries. I suspect the above, or some variation of it, is why you are not seeing a COLA increase in your net Social Security payment. Rest assured, however, that you ARE receiving an annual COLA increase to your gross Social Security amount – every recipient of Social Security receives each COLA increase granted.

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  1. Call us all the childish names you want, this isn’t a take take, like myself and many others we worked and paid into SS. for many many years. It is not entitlement it is a program where the government took out of our paychecks in which we worked for that money! How dare the extreme right try to steal from the American people that worked all our lives and paid into SS. This is not designed for government to step in and steal this money and that’s exactly what they would be doing! Its take take from the extreme right and if they want more money then let them all go out and get a REAL JOB and work for their own money to stuff in their pockets! In my opinion Government employees are way overpaid so what the h*ll do they want from honest people that do go out and make their money the honest way! Take take Republicans you cannot take our money! When you can’t work anymore more for various reasons and SS is your only income how do you Republicans expect us to live or don’t you?
    Signed a totally agrivated American citizen!!!

    • You should rely on private charities (that’s what they’re for, and that’s one of the reasons they’re given preferential tax treatment). If you rely on the government, you’re part of the problem. If you want the government to give out “living wages” and free healthcare and free education, move to Socialist Europe. Here in the good ol USA, we don’t want that nonsense!

  2. Two important things left out. First in 2023 the Medicare Part B premium is declining. Second, more than ten million low-income folks are enrolled in Medicare Savings Plans and don’t pay the Part B premium. Their premiums are paid by the states but with Federal money. There are millions more folks eligible that haven’t applied.

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