Student Enrollment Up To 34,681

Enrollment numbers in Johnston County Schools continues to climb. On Tuesday, 34,681 students were enrolled in classes at the 44 public school campuses. 

That represents an increase of 1,153 students from August 24th opening day attendance of 33,528.  Even more students are expected this year.  Before school started, school administrators had projected 34,765 students would enroll this year.  Based on Tuesday’s enrollment, that’s just 84 shy from the projection.  Johnston-County-Schools-FI

Corinth Holders High has the largest enrollment of any campus in the county. On Tuesday, 1,771 students were in school. The second largest campus this year is Cleveland High which had 1,605 students attend classes on Tuesday.  Clayton High was a close third with 1,563 students. 

A total of 12 schools in the county now have 1,000 or more students enrolled. On Tuesday, 1,001 students attended West View Elementary School which is up from 938 during the 2014-15 school term.