Student Arrested For Making Threats Of Violence At Johnston County High Schools

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office announced this morning (Thursday) an arrest in connection with two social media threats of violence.

Late Wednesday afternoon, detectives with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office took a 17 year-old local high school student into secured custody for the social media threats of mass violence at Corinth Holders High School, Smithfield Selma High School and South Johnston High School.

The teen is being held in a juvenile detention facility in Raleigh.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell said juveniles assume that because of their age there are few swift penalties associated with their crimes. However, as yesterday’s investigation shows, deputies will work hard to ensure that even juveniles will be held accountable for their actions.

“We continue to see, much too often, disruptions in our classrooms, including social media threats of violence. Students, school staff, parents and grandparents, law enforcement, and our communities as a whole, are tired of seeing our students being fearful in an environment where they should feel safe to learn,” said Sheriff Bizzell.

“As Sheriff, our deputies will continue to use their expertise, training, and all other resources available to track down these individuals that are terrorizing our kids and grandkids, and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”


  1. GREAT JOB! Now punishment and not a slap on the hand! At 17 years of age he KNOWS right from wrong!
    Keep up the good work Sheriff Bizzell and the Deputies involved!

  2. Have to wonder if “The Squad of CRT Cult” that are the leaders in our schools and on our school board is responsible for the radicalization of this student? The Teacher’s Union advocate on our school board Terri Sessions had 30 plus years spreading the Teacher’s Union radicalization onto these students.

    • Lol!!! First off it’s Sessoms. Second please show me where CRT has been taught to students that are NOT in law school or college. I won’t hold my breath

  3. great job thanks for getting the job done. our schools are not the same since social media. This young adults no right from wrong but think it is just for fun to gets kicks. yesterday was not fun at all. All high school and Middle schools through out our county need to have detectors just like the court house. You never know what they are packing in those book bags.

  4. I was attending school at the time of Columbine and more and as a parent now of a highschool student, it’s absolutely terrifying when a parent receives and phone call or message from my child that these threats have been made or a school is on lockdown. Its sad that I can’t even feel comfortable with my child attending school literally after numerous threats now just in the past month. To say the least…about the time we do not pay anymind to sime “hoax” and then we will end up receiving a more horrifying phone call. Its just horrible and as a pathetic attempt of whatever some want to call it….regardless our kids need a safe place of learning and when we have to worry about kids playing grown and not worried about their education.. .its ridiculous!!!! Parents need to step up…and kids need their butts whooped like back when I was younger and I guarantee this whole country would be better off. Teach some dicipline whenever they do wrong instead of oh well..bla bla bla …dont do it again then be on their way. If the kids didnt have access to a weapon and knew they would get their butts torn up if they messed with it then things would settle down quite abit!

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