Student Passes Out In Choke Hold In Classroom

A 17 year-old student from West Johnston High School was arrested Wednesday after an incident that left a classmate unconscious.

The incident happened just before the end of the school day on Tuesday.

Chavis Deion Smith of Angier allegedly placed a 14 year-old student in a JROTC classroom in a “sleeper hold” he had recently seen on TV.  The 14 year-old victim lost consciousness and fell to the floor. After regaining consciousness several minutes later the juvenile sought help.

The sleeper hold is performed by placing one arm around a person’s throat from behind, similar to a form of strangulation.  If the sleeper hold is applied too long, it can cause permanent injury or even death.

In this case, the 14 year-old did lose consciousness but was not injured.

Smith was charged with assault and battery, a misdemeanor.  He was released on a $500 bond.

Johnston County Public Schools could also take disciplinary action against Smith under their Code of Conduct Policy.