Teen Facing Multiple Charges Following High Speed Chase, Crash

Photo by John Payne

JOHNSTON COUNTY – A teenage driver is facing multiple traffic charges following a high speed chase and violent collision.

Around 11:30pm Friday, a Johnston County deputy was traveling on US 70 Business in the Clayton city limits and clocked on radar a yellow Dodge Charger traveling at 130 miles per hour.

The deputy began pursuing the speeding Charger but the chase was called off a short time later when he lost sight of the vehicle.

Later, another deputy spotted the Charger speeding near Smithfield and again tried to stop it. The Charger turned onto Cleveland Road and reached speeds over 130 miles per hour. The officer lost sight of the vehicle and ended the chase.

Photo by John Payne

Minutes later, first responders were dispatched to a single vehicle accident on Interstate 40 at the Cleveland Road overpass. Authorities arrived and discovered it was the Charger involved in the two previous pursuits.

The State Highway Patrol said the Charger was traveling on Cleveland Road and just before the I-40 bridge ran off the roadway, traveled 185 feet through the air, then crashed into a concrete barrier beside the interstate and flipped end over end.

Photo by John Payne

Troopers said the car traveled 1,000 feet from the location it ran off Cleveland Road to where it came to rest on the opposite side of I-40. The car’s engine was located 50 feet away from the wrecked vehicle.

The 17 year-old driver, the only occupant, was transported to WakeMed for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Photo by John Payne

He faces multiple charges from the State Highway Patrol and Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Thankful that no one was hurt because of their stupid decision. Take their license until they are at least 21. Thanks to the deputies who tried to take care of the situation. Praying for you all.

  2. This kid needs to be thankful he’s alive and do something with his life now that he has a second chance. I really hope he learned his lesson and changes.

  3. I don’t think a 17 year old needs to be
    Driving a charger..he should of been driving
    A mid size car, nothing that makes you
    Think you can out run police, or be out
    Trying to race people..when he gets to
    About 21 maybe get a charger.
    He needs to be thankful no police got hurt
    Or killed trying to pull him over, because he
    Would be at fault..now the charger is
    Totalled so don’t drive to you realize what
    You have done..dumb mistake by 17 yr.old
    That doesn’t know right from young.

      • Tell the truth! This was not a mistake. The teen was blatantly stupid and had no common sense. I agree with the comment that I hope he learned and will fit better into society. He has a long way to go in life.

      • His parents should have taught him about respect and obeying the law !!! Parents these days have lost they’re ever loving mind in many ways. Teens don’t need cars like this and just because we didn’t have it when growing up dam sure don’t mean they should have it.

  4. Someone would do well by letting him know he had an angel with him when he wrecked that car and the only reason he is breathing today is because God wants him to be. Not because he is skilled not because he is lucky…because he is supposed to learn from this experience and let it change him into whatever God saved him to be. Maybe another parent read this article on the way to buy their teen a Corvette and it saved his child’s life.

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