Thales Academy Opening Clayton Campus In 2023

An artist rendering of Thales Academy Clayton which will open in the Flowers Plantation Community near Clayton in 2023.

CLAYTON – Thales Academy, a college preparatory network of K-12 independent schools is expanding. A Clayton campus is planned for 2023.

Thales Academy Clayton will be built in the Flowers Plantation community, near the Flowers Crossroads retail village, at 65 Flowers Parkway.

The new campus will match other Thales Academy campuses, with facility features including polished concrete floors, floor to ceiling windows, and a clean and modern aesthetic throughout. Thales recently opened new locations in PIttsboro and Cary for the 2021-2022 school year.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Cary, Pittsboro, and Clayton communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve more families who are looking for a high quality, affordable education for their children,” says Bob Luddy, Founder and Chairman of Thales Academy. “We have had extremely high demand at our campuses with hundreds on some of our waitlists. We are excited to open these new campuses in order to provide space for more families who are eager to join us.”

Early estimates place enrollment in Clayton between 100 and 200 students for the first year. Tuition varies slightly by campus location, but all three new Triangle area campuses will be just over $5,000 per year, and scholarships, a Full Pay Discount, and payment plans are available.

The Flowers Plantation campus will initially employee 7 to 10 teaching staff and one administrator.

Applications for all new Thales Academy campuses are first-come, first-served (internal waitlists and transfers will be honored first) and will remain open until seats are filled and a waitlist is created.

Thales Academy Pittsboro K–5 and Thales Academy Cary K–5 are the eighth and ninth Thales Academy campuses in the Triangle and will bring the total number of campuses overall in the growing Thales Academy network to thirteen brick and mortar campus locations in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Hallmarks of Thales Academy include rigorous, college-prep academics that emphasize learning to mastery; character formation; real world skills development; personalized attention and affordable tuition with no extra fees or fundraising. In addition to the low cost, other tangible benefits include: a stable, proven educational approach, a consistent calendar, and a simple dress code. The school strives to cultivate critical thinkers by teaching how to think, not what to think; fostering often forgotten skills such as writing and grammar; and developing confident leaders with strong character.

Students interested in Thales Academy may learn more and apply online at Interested teachers may also apply for employment at


  1. Could have been built anywhere but Becky Flowers is an excellent developer. We moved away earlier this year because it was getting too busy for me. But great for families and young career-oriented people.

  2. Here is the plan of the Johnston County liberal progressive liberal school board, they are not concerned with the ones that have the money that can afford to get their kids out of the cease pool schools they have created. They have nearly half of the South American Continent on its way by the millions for their free government hand outs and your property will be so heavily taxed to educate them that you will be glad to allow the government to take your real estate that you can no longer afford the taxes on. Thats the plan folks in the name of humanitarian crisis and we will become a Socialist-Communist Country with a plenty of sorrow and death to go around.

  3. My mom lives in the flowers plantation community across from where this school is being built. You could not PAY ME enough to move out there. The location of Publix is one thing but ALL the traffic and congestion out there on 42 near Percy’s is already ridiculous … it’s just like driving in raleigh between 5-6 in the evening … plus the new apartment complex they’re building right there … it’s just entirely too much in one extremely congested area … this could’ve been built anywhere else … literally anywhere in the county … i understand the reason behind putting it in this area. However, for those that live there already, it’s a nightmare.

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