Top 10 Johnston County Baby Names Of 2017

Proud parents John and Michelle Gonzalez of Smithfield welcomed the first baby born in Johnston County in 2018 on Jan. 1st at 7:57am at Johnston Health in Smithfield. Galilea weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Galilea was not born in 2017 but her picture was too cute not to use in our story!

Craig Olive, Johnston County Register of Deeds, has announced the 10 most popular baby names in 2017 for Johnston County births.

Liam and Ava captured the top spot for babies born in Johnston County during 2017.

10 Most Popular Boy Names 
1. Liam
2. William
3. Mason
4. Matthew
5. Nathan
6. Anthony
7. James
8. Lucas
9. Michael
10. Nicholas

10 Most Popular Girl Names
1. Ava
2. Elizabeth
3. Paisley
4. Sophia
5. Emma
6. Harper
7. Isabella
8. Mia
9. Olivia
10. Scarlett

Additionally, Mr. Olive provided other Johnston County Vital Records statistics for 2017.  1635 babies were born, 1326 deaths occurred and 1237 marriages licenses were obtained in Johnston County during 2017.

“Due to our most up-to-date technology, this information was quickly obtained and provided,” Olive told WTSB. “Our office strives to provide the citizens of Johnston County with the best possible customer service.”