Town Awards Bid To Remove Fire Damaged Home

The Town of Smithfield, which recently purchased a lot where a fire damaged home was located, has awarded a bid to demolish the structure.

The property, located at 116 South Fifth Street and adjacent to the Smithfield Police Department, could be used for future expansion or parking for the police department or fire station or for other town facility uses.

Two companies submitted bids to demolish the stick built home. TAP Construction of Four Oaks was the low bidder at $11,650. The original estimate for demolition was $10,000.

Town officials said the bids came in higher than expected because of the complexity of the demolition, specifically removing the roof, which will require more machinery and labor.

The fees include a required asbestos inspection but does not include the cost of asbestos removal should any be detected. A date for the demolition by TAP Construction was not announced. Photos