Town To Discuss Stormwater Management With Property Owners

Tuesday, Nov. 13th Meeting At Sarah Yard Community Center

A public meeting will be held between Town of Smithfield representatives and property owners this week to discuss stormwater management.

Stormwater runoff and how it is managed is an issue that affects every individual and property owner in Smithfield. Stormwater is a significant source of drinking water, but unmanaged runoff can pollute receiving waters and increase flooding hazards.

Smithfield Town Council members and staff are encouraging residents to attend a public meeting which is part of a Smithfield Stormwater Action Planning Project to address state and federal stormwater management regulations while also considering improved drainage services for local citizens.

The Town is seeking input from residents as it develops a municipal stormwater program to manage water quality impacts and reduce drainage hazards from runoff, as well as plan improvements to public drainage infrastructure and local streams.

As a key part of the planning initiative, the Town wants to define which stormwater services are most important to residents. The Town currently offers stormwater management plan review for new developments, street sweeping, loose leaf collection, drainage system maintenance on public rights-of-way, and limited drainage system improvements on public rights-of-way.

Following a 30-minute presentation, Smithfield’s staff will then open the floor for questions and comments from the public. A survey will also be available for residents to provide written input to the Town’s stormwater plan. Town staff wants to clearly understand what stormwater management services are most important to its citizens, and then work with Council to develop cost-effective recommendations for the community.

The meeting takes place Tuesday, Nov. 13th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Sarah Yard Community Center at 909 E. Lee Street.

For more information about the meeting please contact Smithfield Planning Director Stephen Wensman at 919-934-2116, Extension 1114 or visit the Town’s Web Site at