Truck Carrying 22,000 Pounds Of Live Fish Overturns

Dunn Daily Record Photo / Thomas Honeycutt

By Robert Jordan
Dunn Daily Record

An early morning crash Tuesday on Interstate 95 near exit 65, the Godwin-Falcon exit, temporarily closed all northbound lanes.

No humans were injured, but there was a large loss of life as the truck was hauling containers carrying 22,000 pounds of live catfish when it overturned.

Dunn Daily Record Photo / Thomas Honeycutt

The crash occurred just after 5 a.m.

Initially, the interstate, Gordon Williams Road and the ditches were full of fish.

“Approximately 150 gallons of diesel were also spilled as a result of the crash,” according to Andrew Barksdale with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.


  1. I see JoCo Report is constantly covering these horrific crashes. On these big truck accidents hauling important things such as this, I would like them to report how these crashes happen. Is it driver error? Fog? Wet Roads? Other cars cutting them off? Bad design of construction area? If there is commonality among the reasons, the trucking industry needs to look at it.

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