District Attorney Opens Investigation Into Ronald Johnson

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle has requested an investigation into Ronald Johnson, a former Smithfield police detective who was fired from his job on October 14. Johnson is also a member of the Johnston County Board of Education. He has been censured twice by the board in recent weeks for recording closed session meetings and for sending inappropriate text messages about a female school employee.

District Attorney Doyle said, “The Johnston County District Attorney’s Office has received materials from several different agencies, groups, and individuals regarding former Smithfield Police Department Detective and Johnston County School Board member Ronald Johnson. After an initial review of this information, I have requested a thorough and complete investigation be conducted to determine if further actions are warranted against Mr. Johnson.  I ask for the public’s patience as my office works through this process.”

Following both censures, the school board submitted their internal investigative reports to the District Attorney. It is not publicly known what other agencies, groups, and individuals submitted additional materials to Doyle’s office.

In August, the school board voted to ask Mr. Johnson to resign. He did not resign. Johnson is serving his second term on the board, having first been elected in 2016.


  1. Wonder if the courts will be conducting any touch tests or provide us with spectral evidence? Will probably search his home for any palmistry articles.

  2. So where are all his defenders. Is this political still? Or is he just not a great person who should not be serving the public or our children?

  3. Absolute witch hunt and a sign of political attacks. This is about as bad as it gets for the United States. Attacking whistle blowers and those who stand against the status quo. I wonder why the DA didn’t pressure charges against a former jcps employee who was recorded with verbal sexual harassment and the board didn’t for that employee but let them quietly resign. I wonder if that person had some legal authority? Hmmm seems like retaliation to me.

  4. The National far-left Democrat swamp January 6th hearing politics has finally arrived here in Johnston County. Will the witch burning pole be erected close in front of the Johnston County Court House near the WW2 memorial?

      • We were all better off with Trump as President, and you, and everyone in this chat knows it. Johnson was the only one really standing up against CRT, CGT, and having parents’ backs when the school board wouldn’t. If the left wants to indoctrinate kids so bad, I’d like to understand the real motivation. Ultimately, is the goal depopulation? Makes sense when you look at all the other initiatives (up to 3rd trimester abortions, pushing for irreversible chemical castration and genital mutilation, promotion of vasectomies and downplaying the value of family/children, and medicinal experimentation…these are all clear progressive policies). Creating a bunch of mentally ill and infertile children for the next generation to watch self-destruct while handing over absolute control to the powers that be seems to be the goal.

        • Take the tin foil off your dome and log off the dark corners of the internet. Geez. Stop letting the Alex Jones’ and Q’s and Tucker Carlson’s of the world think for you.

          • Those aren’t on my list of talking heads, I hear these things from the half-head-shaved, purple haired, pin cushion faced elementary school teachers sharing their activism online. Maybe wake up and stop calling the truth a conspiracy theory. When you have medical institutions taking pictures with minors whose breasts they just chopped off for social media likes we are in a very bad place in this society.

            And before we go to “that’s not happening in Joco” know that you don’t board up your windows while the hurricane is breaking the glass, you board them up before the hurricane gets to your house.

        • Nothing Brett posted has any truth to it. It just shows that he listens to propaganda and unquestionably believes it.

          • Sure Brett. Show me all the CRT and indoctrination going on in the schools. Actual evidence. I won’t hold my breath.

      • What I don’t get is all of them guys that are out to get him because they did not win are republicans So what is Terri talking about

        • Not all conservatives are republicans, and not all republicans are conservative. Needs to be some MAJOR accountable reform in the GOP; they could start with Tillis, Cheney, and Romney. Not that the Dems don’t have their own divided factions to address.

        • Really sad that you are so uninformed MR. or Mrs. Smh about the makeup of of our school board. All members other than Ronald Johnson are Democrats that have long changed thier political identities and put a R or I bedside thier names. They fully support the democrat policies of far-left teachers union but know they can’t get elected in Johnston County by running on what they really believe. I am glad that the Johnston County GOP has finally put out a GOP approved candidate list for the school board. This lack of planning by the local GOP is how we have got all these liberal progressive democrats on the school board that the Honorable Ronald Johnson have had to unmask.

  5. When are we the taxpayers going to get reimbursed for the money Tracie Z stole by continuing as a board member when she didn’t live in the county anymore? Where are Doyle and the rest of them on that investigation?

    If Johnson has committed crimes then he def needs to be prosecuted but the double standard is cobvious!

  6. As long as Johnston County has an alleged pedophile sitting as a county commissioner, no one should be concerned with this issue. ALL meetings involving elected officials should be recorded. Don’t we have a right to know how they are governing our county, schools, towns, etc? Taking their word for it and what they allow the press to report is obviously misleading. The school board members are using Mr. Johnson as a shield to hide behind so the citizens don’t look deeper into how twisted our JCPS really are and how they are wasting our tax dollars.
    Look past the smoke and see the actual fire…

    • There is a huge game going this Friday at sss high school. This football team is 8-0 and play for a conference championship for the first time since 1997, so instead of always promoting this crap about how bad it is please please y’all let’s shed some light on these young men and lady , and support them come out and show that we want them. Friday 7pm Charles t tucker stadium. Y’all be there

  7. Qanon has no place in schools. RJ CAAG and their supporters have no business being around children. Russian information operations should never have been able to influence and infiltrate the youth as it has. These people need to be held accountable.

  8. The Johnston County DA Office is at a definitive moment in history. The Honorable Ronald Johnson has one last leadership position to unmask and expose, has our own local blind justice system been secretly infested with the far-left cancel culture the likes of Liz Cheney and George Soros funded Woke politics? Will the Honorable Ronald Johnson be relentlessly pursued with minor questionable legal technicalities of the so-called blind legal system that has all ways been overlooked if it was a democrat or will he be burned alive by a replica witch hunt of the Insurrectionist January 6th hearing in order to keep the Johnston County School Board from being flipped by this November 8th election? Parents and voters of Johnston County everything you thought you knew may come to a unbelievable end? You parents were so unbelievably close to saving your kids from the teachers unions CRT, Woke and Cancell Culture?

    • Only the only thing that has been exposed is RJ’s unethical behavior and his baseless allegations that stirred up only drama.

      • I promise it wasn’t for drama. Ironic is was so unethical, why did they wait 3 years to bring it out. Why wasn’t it unethical 3 years ago. I know, because no one was offended and no head hunter was out for Ron. This is all Political and people know that.

        • Whataboutisms don’t dispute his unethical texts, his baseless allegations, his misuse of the public trust, and the self serving drama and grandstanding that he did.

          • The allegations he made were never disputed because they knew he was telling the truth. His only fault was thinking he could be superman and uncover things going on and be supported by the people in charge. The two things he got fired for, he probably knew better but had good intentions. The girl knew about the text and accepted his apology in 2019. I am not condoning those things however I am saying… They have been after him for a long time. Possibly ever since he called Carrol and Sutton out for their unethical actions in the past. This whole board is sketchy. They had friends in places that counted I guess to go after him and succeed. These people dug deep.

          • Actually, he never proved his allegations and he has the burden of proof. They hired outside law firms to investigate what RJ alleged and no corruption was ever found. He never proved that Selma Middle School’s mascot change would cost 50K. He made that nonsense up. The guy got caught exchanging inappropriate texts with the school board lawyer. The same guy he accused the other school board members of covering up for. The guy is so unethical.

  9. What are you all so scared of? God will protect His chosen one. If that doesn’t pan out, it’s probably for good reason. It’s likely a sign that Mr. Johnson go start his own school board, police force, and town. There he can stand up to the bullies on the left.

  10. How come he got fired for not doing a crime, but you have a police officer at another police department still working after getting charge with carrying a concealed gun while being drunk?

  11. This farce is being propagated by a popular attorney in Smithfield who has ties to jcps…. Close ties.

  12. People should support Ronald Johnson. He may have some snakes that have been uncovered but who don’t? At least he stood for the children and didn’t care about himself! People really need to be praying hard to support RJ because without him on the board all your children better watch out!

  13. Investigation into WHAT? Sending an inappropriate text? This can not be real. When did commenting on a woman’s dress become a crime? Perhaps more will come out and if it does I will reconsider my position but right now… The only crime he committed that I am aware of is being conservative.

    And to the person who brought up QAnon. I don’t know a single solitary person who bought into this. Get real.

      • Been that way since I moved here. Still astounds me at the ignorance of some people. They adore a three time married serial *******- that’s ok as long as someone puts an R behind their name… and is white… that’s just as important. The sign welcoming people to Smithfield (Johnston County) may have come down, but it’s still full of members – and many in very high up positions.
        I don’t know Ronald Johnson’s political leaning at all and it should never even be addressed for a school board election. Politics shouldn’t rule everything – some stuff should just be done for the well being of, in this case, the students of this county – not the parents… the students. It shouldn’t matter, nor should it be included on the ballot, what party that person belongs to. Same with judges. They should be completely Independent of any political leanings. When we get back to electing people based on anything besides their party affiliation, we will be better off.Same with religion. It does not belong in the government whatsoever. But, that is just my opinion- take it or leave it.

        • “and is white” Did you vote for Mark Robinson? Would you support him for governor? Yeah…didn’t think so. It’s going to be comically ironic when we white supremacist nazi racists (as we have been referred to for years now) vote in the first black Governor in NC. It’ll be even better when the Dems take to social media to hurl some more racial slurs at him and his family.

      • Common sense is now a kool-aid flavor? TIL! I like it when the comments are diluted into naming calling ad hominems; means there’s little to no argument of substance left. Thanks for the confirmation, champ!

  14. I have no first hand knowledge of anything happening in this situation, but I trust GOP DA Doyle to investigate, I think. It really depends on whether she believes the election was stolen. That said, SSS football is 8-0, and can win the conference this week. This is a great accomplishment that’s overshadowed by “How the Board Turns.” We need to get back to boring board meetings and celebrating schools’ successes.

  15. If RonJon has nothing to hide, he would voluntarily commit to a full interview with the DA.

    If RonJon is honorable, he would have abided by his oath to abide by the BOE’s policies and procedures, when he took his seat.

    If RonJon is believable, he we have resigned on July 17, as he publicly stated on July 8.

    If RonJon is a moral person, he wouldn’t have sent inappropriate text messages to (or about) anyone.

    If RonJon was an effective detective, he would have known the difference between a 50B and 50C

    This man is no better than any other shady politicians that the JoCo public keep electing to office. As for the folks who keep supporting this guy, the PT Barnum about “suckers being born every minute” comes to mind….

      • @Donnie: If he were innocent, he’d be jumping at the opportunity to clear his name…. I know I would!

        • He still hasn’t done anything against the law so no he has no need to talk to her. That investigation is prompted by the school board and those politicians that want him gone so they can continue their agendas

    • Now that she got him out, next will be Antoine and Donovan before they even get voted in because they are on the same side as RJ. Need to vote both of them to the board Next month.

  16. So how many more are popped on the hand while the good ole boys oops girl go after RJ. Then we have the duo clowns in town trying to expose others while dancing with the skeletons in their own closets. Not to mention drowning in the manipulation pool! We teach our kids not to bully by such poor examples of humans.

  17. I was sure I knew one canidate I would vote for the school board next month.
    The candidate had written a few articles I read on jocoreport. The candidate seemed to be current on issues reguarding education. I could tell the canidate was educated as well as intelligent.
    Then the canidate, along with another canidate, turns in a recording.
    Just goes to show, one can be intelligent and have no common sense. I wish both candidates had stayed out of the controversy. They should have let RJ fight his own fight.

    • Those candidates still have their same beliefs even though this has turned out the way it has. Those recording were still proof of the integrity of the present School board members. They should have ended their terms with grace but instead this whole board is known as shady. No one ever said they hid money but what they said shows how they think when they think no one is watching. That is why they went after RJ, period.
      It is sad they wanted political theatre as some of the school boards in the nation.

  18. So Mr. Sam T you really wanted the mask to stay on Ma Andrews and $180-K-Carroll so no one would ever question their positions of pillars of the community? Mr. Sam T tell me what legal industry could you have that kind of a conversation in planning to manipulate millions of public dollars or HIDE THE MONEY and it not be a crime? Government will protect Government and that is what we are seeing now.

    • Terrybarns all I’m saying is until elected a canidate should be careful about what they do. RJ could have submitted the recording himself or turned it in anonymously. I agree citizens have a right to know the truth. I even agree with you Mr Terrybarns concerning Carroll and Andrews.
      I’m saying the canidates need to use common sense about situations to increase their chance of being elected.
      Btw, I enjoy reading your comments on the school board, the county commissioners, and the left in general.

  19. Is there still no Go Fund Me or a defense and re-election campaign fund for Ronald Johnson? There are thousand$ of dollars out here just waiting to be donated for the defense and re-election of our Honorable Ronald Johnson. Parents and taxpayers can’t you just imagine how fun it be watching these liberal progressive democrat heads explode while seeing the funds growing for the defense and re-election of the Honorable Ronald Johnson?

  20. Watch the link I have posted below of the movie Bad Education that was based off of a true story. Then parents and taxpayers I ask you to replace some of our local elected leaders names in the place of the characters in the movie and to keep a open mind? Please, Please defend the rest of this school board after watching this? Please?

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