TV Crew Witnesses Fiery Crash

Around 4:00am Monday, a WRAL TV 5 news crew was traveling on Interstate 40 through Johnston County to an assignment in Fayetteville when they witnesses a fiery crash and explosion that followed in the westbound lanes.

A westbound car ran off the interstate onto the shoulder and slammed in the rear of a disabled abandoned pickup truck on the shoulder .

When the eastbound news crew witnessed the crash they immediately stopped and the photographer ran across the interstate to render aid.  The photographer said the driver of the car was already outside their burning vehicle and had sustained only minor injuries.  The driver was taken to Johnston Medical Center in Clayton for treatment.  Both vehicles were destroyed by the fire.

Emergency responders were assisted by passers-by who had stopped in their search for a dog which the driver claimed had jumped out the car and vanished.  The dog was never found.  Photos by John Payne