Victim Loses $2,900 In Johnston County Jury Duty Scam

Law enforcement authorities are once again alerting the public to be aware of a phony jury duty scam that has been around for several years.  It cost a Smithfield man $2,900 over the weekend.

The victim said he received a phone call from a person claiming to be a deputy with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.  The impersonator claimed the victim had recently failed to appear in court for a summons to serve on a Johnston County Grand Jury and that a warrant had been issued for their arrest.

To avoid being arrested and to take care of the warrant, the caller claimed $2,900 needed to be sent in by the victim through pre-paid credit card numbers.  The victim obtained $2,900 in pre-paid cards and gave the numbers to the scammer when he called back.

Authorities say this is a widespread scam and that law enforcement will never demand money to retract a warrant.  If you are suspicious, contact your nearest law enforcement agency.  In this case, the victim only notified law enforcement after he had been scammed.  Officials say it is unlikely he will be able to recover any of his money.