Victim Loses $2,930 In CraigsList Scam

A Johnston County woman lost a lot of money in a CraigsList scam.  It happened last week.

The 41 year-old victim, who lives in Clayton, advertised some furniture for sale on CraigsList for $1,000.  Almost immediately, she was contacted online by a long-distance buyer who wanted the items. They mailed a check for $2,930 to the seller saying the overpayment would cover the cost of a mover they were hiring to pick up the furniture.

Later the buyer emailed saying they had changed their mind about the furniture purchase and to refund their money.  The seller had just deposited the check in her banking account, so she obtained a money order to refund the payment.  A couple of days later, the victim was contacted by her bank stating the $2,930 check she had received was fraudulent.

CraigsList offers several tips to avoid being scammed.  They recommend to always deal face-to-face as this one rule will avoid 99% of all scam attempts.  Don’t accept checks or money orders as banks will hold you responsible.  Also, beware of offers involving shipping.  Again, deal with locals you can meet in person.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident but it is unlikely the victim can get her money back.