Water Tower Repairs Will Be Costly

foar oaks water towerThe Town of Four Oaks has agreed to make repairs to their water tower.  Public Works Director Barry Stanley said the repairs will cost $89,000, money the town does not have in the 2016-17 fiscal year budget.

Stanley said the interior of the water tank need refinishing, the exterior painted and repairs made to the structure where county has communications equipment mounted.  Stanley said the repairs due to the communications equipment amount to $17,000 of the costs.

Commissioner Walter Holt said the Town needed to have a “serious conversation with the county” about the communications equipment and ask them to pay for their portion of the repairs.

In June, the Town received an inspection report indicating the tank was not up to standards.

Commissioner John Hatch says the repairs have to be made. “We’ve got to do it regardless.”

Stanley said once the repairs begin the water tank will be taken off line. Water from the Blackmon’s Crossroads water tank will be used to supply the Town of Four Oaks for about two weeks until the tank is fixed.

Mayor Linwood Parker said the long range plan is to build a second water tower to serve future growth in the US701 and Keen Road areas. Parker said a water tank and pump station many need to be built in the future near the Keen Road, NC96 South intersection known as Keen’s Crossroads.

The Town of Four Oaks sells about 225,000 gallons of water each day but the current storage tank only holds 100,000 gallons.  Stanley said the town needs to have at least one days use in storage.

The company that will do the repair work has agreed to be paid over two budget cycles to reduce the financial burden on the Town.