Wayne County Announces Littering Crackdown

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has started cracking down on those caught littering or hauling unsecured loads of trash.   It’s in response to numerous complaints about trash alongside Wayne County roadways.  Specifically, a recent increase in calls about trucks and trailers used to haul trash traveling on roads with trash blowing out of the vehicles and trailers.

Effectively immediately, the Sheriff’s Office and  Wayne County Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Sparrow will begin strictly enforcing laws and ordinances relating to littering and failure to secure loads of waste material being transported along the streets and highways of Wayne County.

Citations will be issued for any violations witnessed by officers.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s Office urges everyone to take the time to secure and adequately cover all trash and waste material before traveling to convenience centers and the landfill.

Officials encourage all citizens to dispose of trash in the correct manner and be sure any waste material you may be transporting is done so in a manner to prevent spillage.

If you witness any illegal act, please call 911 and report the littering violation.  Provide as much identifying information on the violation as you can (description of vehicle, license plate number, where you saw the violation and direction of travel, etc.).  If you encounter any trash that has been illegally dumped, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Sparrow at 919-689-2994 or the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.