Who’s Getting Married In Johnston County?

In collaboration with the Johnston County Register of Deeds Office and Register of Deeds Craig Olive, JoCoReport.com started Thursday posting the publication of marriage licenses issued in Johnston County on the JoCoReport.com website.

“I am happy to comply with the request from The Johnston County Report for marriage licenses issued in our office,” Olive said. “We record public documents in our office and these records should be available to the public.  This effort has made it easier for the public to access marriage licenses that were obtained in Johnston County. I will continue to provide easier access to our public records via the latest technology.” 

Marriage records can be found on the Johnston County Report’s website at  www.jocoreport.com/marriage-licenses.  The link to the page can also be found under the “More Info” tab. 

The marriage license report will be updated each weekday. The computer program to run the request was created by Register of Deeds computer analysis Jeff Wilson at no cost to the taxpayers.

JoCoReport.com continues to be the leading website for Johnston County News. The website had more than 1.1 million page views in October by more than 100,000 unique visitors.