Woman Killed While Walking Children To Bus Stop

fatal-barberry-12-1-4A woman walking her two children to a bus stop Thursday morning was struck and killed by a car.  It happened at 8:24am on Barberry Drive, outside of Benson, near McGee’s Crossroads.

Maria Aguilar Saurez, 34, was walking the children to the bus stop when a blue Kia struck her and her 8 year-old son, Juan Almanza.  Both were trapped underneath the car until being freed by firefighters.

fatal-barberry-12-1-2Suarez and Alamanza were rushed to Wake Medical Center where she later died. Her son sustained serious injuries including a broken jaw and lacerations to his head but is expected to recover. The woman’s 7 year-old daughter narrowly avoiding being struck and was not injured.

Troopers said both victims were in the roadway when they were struck by 49 year-old Ma Del Rosario Perez Valdovinos of Benson. Reports indicate Valdovinos was also taking her children to the bus stop and may have been temporarily blinded by the sun. She did not have a drivers license. Charges are pending.  Photos by John Payne