Woman Seeking Ride Ends Up Jailed

Charlene-Black-Moore-FIA Rocky Mount woman faces drug charges after she sought a ride from authorities along Interstate 95 near Benson.

Charlene Black Moore, 53, was charged with multiple drug charges.

Benson Police Officer Patrick Snell said in his report Ms. Moore was seen lying alongside the I-95 North on-ramp outside Benson by a North Carolina State Trooper who was passing by the location.

When Officer Snell arrived at the scene, Ms. Moore was being treated by David Crawford of Johnston County EMS.

Mr. Crawford informed Officer Snell that Ms. Moore had been examined and was fine. During the course of the exam, she asked for a ride to her home which Mr. Crawford relayed to Officer Snell, who advised the medic he would take her to the next rest area off Interstate 40 West.

Officer Snell stated in the arrest report Ms. Moore was acting nervous, shaking and fumbling with her hands. He also indicated she had slurred speech.

Ms. Moore denied having anything illegal in her possession and told Officer Snell she wanted to go to the Waffle House to get a cold water.

A subsequent search of Ms. Moore and a plastic bag she was carrying resulted in Officer Snell discovering large amounts of tin foil which ultimately contained the controlled substances.

Meth And Pills
According to the report, inside the tin foil were two plastic bags containing a white crystal substance later confirmed to be methamphetamine, one empty plastic bag and a third plastic bag containing five pills that were later identified as Oxycodone.

An additional search of the plastic bag conducted at the scene, revealed an additional bag containing 13 more pills, also later identified as Oxycodone.

In total, Ms. Moore allegedly had in her possession 0.10 gram of methamphetamine and 18 Oxycodone pills for which she could produce no prescription.

After being taken to the Benson Police Department, Ms. Moore denied any wrongdoing and said she had intended to call authorities about the drugs, but had no telephone.

According to the report, she said, “I think I was setup” and told officers the only reason she was hitchhiking along I-95 was because Officer Snell had told her earlier in the day not to ask for rides inside the town limits.

Specifically she was charged with possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver methamphetamine; possession of methamphetamine; simple possession of a Schedule II controlled substance; possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver a Schedule II controlled substance; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was transported to the Johnston County Jail where she was held under a $51,000 secured bond. Story by the Daily Record