Woman Seriously Injured, Businesses Struck By Gunfire, In Smithfield Shooting

Crime scene tape surrounds a car with bullets holes in the window at The Wash House at 1331 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, Smithfield. Photo by John Payne

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Police are investigating a shooting that seriously injured one person.

Around 2:00am Saturday, officers were dispatched to Johnston Medical Center Smithfield after a shooting victim arrived in the Emergency Department.

Yellow evidence markers indicate where bullet casings were found at 1331 N. Brightleaf Boulevard. Photo by John Payne

Jalisa Gresham, age 27, had been dropped off at the hospital by acquaintances to receive medical treatment for a gunshot wound. Due to the severity of her injuries, Gresham was transported to Wake Medical Center, where she underwent emergency surgery. At last report she was in stable condition.

During the initial investigation, officers discovered the shooting occurred in the parking lot of The Wash House, at 1331 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, near the Selma city limits.

Smithfield Police are investigating a shooting at The Wash House, at 1331 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, around 2:00am Saturday, April 15, 2023. Photo by John Payne

Detectives were able to determine Gresham was injured during an exchange of gunfire between two groups of individuals leaving the Diamond District Night Club, at 1688 S. Pollock Street in Selma, a short distance away.

Bullets fired by the two groups also struck a car and a window at The Wash House. A bullet hole was later found in a window at a daycare center on Noble Street. Smithfield Police confirmed it was related to the early-morning shooting.

A bullet hole in a window at The Wash House, at 1331 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, Smithfield. Photo by John Payne

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Smithfield Police Department at 919-934-2121.

This is not the first shooting incident recently linked to patrons at the Diamond District Lounge in Selma. Around 2:08am October 16, 2022, Alquan Jermique Dunn, 26, of Goldsboro was shot and killed outside the nightclub. In December 2022, Selma Police arrested Miante Artis of Goldsboro for the murder. In the same incident, a second person, Ebony Brinson, age 33, of Mt. Olive, was shot in the leg. Police said Brinson was an innocent bystander.

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  1. Evidently the Diamond night club is attracting the wrong clientele and needs to change their venue or be shut down. In addition, heavy police presence might help the situation. Don’t wait for someone to get killed.

  2. Smithfield needs a police department that actually enforces the law. Monitor the nightclub areas, make regular rounds of area businesses whether they’re open or closed, monitor the traffic with radar and for watch for motorists running stop signs and red lights. Patrol our neighborhoods on a regular schedule, we have motorists doubling the speed limit and running stop signs everyday. Yes we need a police department that serves and protects as expected. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the local mugshots and see which law enforcement agencies are making arrests and which one is not.

    • Good ideas, Frank. How about you ask how many officers Smithfield PD is short and who their police chief is and then figure out why enforcement isn’t what it should be?

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