177 Lot Subdivision Moving Forward

Despite continued jurisdiction issues, a section of a proposed 177 home subdivision between Clayton and Wilson’s Mills is moving forward.

The developers of a 61 acre tract of land near the intersection of Glen Laurel Road and Powhatan Road have been caught up in a lengthy dispute between the Town of Clayton and Town of Wilson’s Mills.  The Gordon Family had asked Clayton to satellite annex the entire tract of land, but Clayton cannot annex a section of the subdivision that is closer to the Wilson’s Mills city limits. 

Gordon-Property-Map-FIBoth towns did not want the other to annex the property. Under state law, any municipality wanting to annex land that is closer to another town’s border must first get approval from that town.

After months of delays and no agreement between the two municipalities, the Town of Clayton this week began moving forward with a plan to approve 29 single family home lots on 12 acres of the 61 acre tract already within Clayton’s extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ).  The remainder of the property, about 49 acres, is located in an area under the authority of Johnston County. The developer is now planning to go through the planning and subdivision process with the County of Johnston for the remaining 148 lots. 

Barring any charges, the Town of Clayton will provide water and sewer service to the entire subdivision, but with out-of-town rates.  The project will no longer involve the Town of Wilson’s Mills.