2 Neuse Charter School Students Charged With Making Threats Towards School, Staff Member

Smithfield Police have increased their presence around the campus of Neuse Charter School following alleged threats of violence towards the school, including a teacher’s aide.

WTSB News learned there were two incidents at school this week. One of the incidents involved alleged threats to kill a teacher’s aide at the school. The second threat was a general threat from a student who planned to go to the school and conduct violence.

Smithfield Police Captain R. Sheppard said two students are facing charges. One of the students is 14, the other is 16.

Captain Sheppard said there will be extra security in and around the Neuse Charter campus on Booker Dairy Road for the next several weeks.

Neuse Charter School Executive Director Susan Pullium declined to speak with WTSB News about the threats, referring all comments to the Smithfield Police Department.

However, Pullium and the Neuse Charter administration did alert parents Wednesday afternoon.

The statement read in part, “We have been made aware of threats made against Neuse Charter School by two students. Reports have been filed with law enforcement officials, an investigation has been conducted, and charges have been filed. We are continuing to work with law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community. As this is an active police matter, the school cannot provide any further details. Please know that Neuse Charter School takes these matters very seriously. The safety of our students and staff will always be of utmost concern.”



  1. I think this is so sad that kid’s want too show stupidity. School is where you get a education not act a fool. If our kid’s can’t act like they are suppose too away from home and want to act like wild animals then i feel they should be caged as animals. Sorry if that’s is too strong but oh well. Kid’s know how to behave if they are taught.

  2. The school flat-out lied! I received zero notification about this threat! This is serious! I received multiple emails a day about fundraisers for this or field trips to hear there but this nothing really?

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