2023-2024 JCPS Calendar Adopted

The Johnston County school board approved a new calendar for the 2023-2024 school year. Brian Vetrano, Chief of Human Resources for Johnston County Public Schools, said a Calendar Committee, consisting of 40 people representing various stakeholders in the community, met and reviewed 18 possible calendars.

The committee narrowed the possibilities from 18 to 3 calendars, which were placed on the JCPS website for feedback. The calendar adopted meets the limited options available, Vetrano told the school board.

The first day of school is August 28, 2023 and the last day of school is June 6, 2024.

Click here to see the adopted 2023-2024 JCPS Traditional Calendar

Vetrano said the calendar must contain a total of 215 days. There must be either 185 student days or 1,025 hours, 10 annual leave/vacation days, and 11 holidays.

The calendar includes a Thanksgiving holiday break Nov. 23-24, 2023; Christmas break Dec. 21-29, 2023; New Year’s Day holiday Jan. 1, 2024; and Spring Break March 29-April 5, 2024. Five inclement weather days are built into the calendar.

School board member Kevin Donovan made a motion to adopt the calendar. It was seconded by Michelle Antoine and approved by unanimous vote.


  1. Chairwoman Lynn “Ma” Andrews your progressive liberal democrats that has supported you are getting tired of waiting for our $1725.00 payments for our Johnston County needy student families payments for transporting students to school. Stop pretending this isn’t one of our social justice programs and pass this program now while you still have the votes, we are tired of the empty promises! Yea you delivered on funding for social justice programs with the every four years revaluation with Jocelyn “Free Money” Andrews help at the tax office but make the vote happen and have a backbone the way Wake County did!


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