30 People Facing 184 Charges In Harnett Drug Roundup

The Harnett County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division announced today (Thursday) the culmination of an 8 month undercover investigation targeting drug dealers selling controlled substances.

Agents focused their efforts in western Harnett County in the Cameron and Broadway communities and used information from citizen complaints to conduct their investigation. Heroin, prescription pain pills, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy were among the drugs seized.

Warrants have been obtained for 30 individuals who will face a total of 184 drug-related charges. Many of these suspects are repeat offenders in the criminal justice system. Officers are working with the US Attorney’s Office to determine if some of the defendants could be prosecuted in federal court.

During a search warrant earlier today, $98,416 in cash was seized from a residence.  At last report, 16 of the 30 suspects had been apprehended today.