32 Major Subdivisions Approved So Far This Year

Johnston County Planning Director Berry Gray discusses 2017 subdivision statistics with Johnston County Commissioners. JoCoReport.com Photo

Johnston County planners have approved more subdivisions during the first 10 months of 2017 than in all of 2016.

Planning Director Berry Gray told Johnston County Commissioners this month than 32 major subdivisions had been approved as of Oct. 31 of this year, compared to 29 in 2016.

The 32 subdivisions total 1,019 lots and 1,247 acres compared to the 29 subdivisions last year that included a total of 1,455 lots and covered 1,189 acres.

155 minor subdivisions totaling 254 lots have been approved as of Oct. 31st, up from 125 last year that yielded 189 total lots. Minor subdivisions are defined as having 3 or fewer lots.

As of Oct. 31st, Gray said a total of 11,208 building lots are available in Johnston County. 137 new lots were added in October while 193 were removed from the list because they were never developed or recorded on time.