Active Meth Lab Found After Barricaded Suspect Arrested

Andy Wayne Wood (seated left) is placed in handcuffs after his arrest Friday on meth manufacturing charges. Photo

A convicted felon with a long criminal history was arrested at his home Friday morning after an active meth lab was found in his residence.

Agents with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division went to the home of Andy Wayne Wood at 2933 King Mill Road, Four Oaks to execute a drug search warrant.

When Wood saw the officers he reportedly barricaded himself inside his single wide mobile home and fortified the entry door.

Agents were able to forcibly enter the home and allegedly found an active meth lab in a bedroom in the processing of making methamphetamines.

Wood, 43, was arrested at the scene on multiple charges including manufacturing methamphetamines.

The NC SBI responded to the scene to clean up the toxic meth lab components. Johnston County Emergency Management responded with a special decontamination trailer. The Elevation Fire Department stood by at the scene. Photos