Advertising on WTSB 105.5 FM / 1090 AM connects your business with local customers as well as connecting with listeners anywhere in the world that hear your ad or interview through the WTSB streaming audio which is available on the internet and accessed from our website. You can also advertise your business website, contact information and marketing message on the WTSB and The Johnston County Report website using banner ads. There is no charge to help you create an ad spot or banner. You can also write and record your own radio spot so customers can hear your voice advocating your business or have one of the WTSB staff write and record for you.

There are a variety of ways you can use WTSB 105.5 FM / 1090 AM to promote your business.

Single Ad – You can choose frequency and length of your ad to be run daily, weekly or even monthly. Great way to saturate the market when announcing specials or to keep your business on customers minds.

Interviews – Informative and interesting way to promote your business. Either talking with radio host or interacting with call in listeners you can get your message across to customers.

Live Remote Broadcasting – Let us broadcast live from your business location to draw customers there for grand openings or special events!

Program Sponsorship – Sponsoring an existing station broadcast such as news, weather or public announcements is a great way to keep you on the customers minds and direct them to your business.

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