Beer Thief Charged With Armed Robbery

Nicholas-Andrea-McNair-MugA man who tried to flee a grocery store without paying for 5 cases of beer has been charged with armed robbery after pulling a knife and swinging it towards an employee who tried to stop him.

It happened Monday at the Harris Teeter on Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro.  Police said the man placed the beer in a shopping cart and was attempting to leave when an employee confronted the suspected shoplifter.

The suspect, Nicholas Andrea McNair, 30, of S. Herman Street, Goldsboro allegedly pulled out a box cutting knife and swung it at the employee.  A vehicle was waiting outside the store and McNair fled from the scene.

Goldsboro Police later identified McNair as the suspect and he was arrested by the departments Selective Enforcement Unit at his home without further incident.

McNair was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. He was wanted at the time of his arrest for failing to appear in court on a misdemeanor drug offense.  Bail was set at $151,000.