Capitol Columns

By Brad Crone
For the Johnston County Report


Across the nation today we celebrate the lives and dedication of America’s veterans.  Our veterans from wars long past to the ongoing war on terror have given their efforts and hard work to support a nation standing on the principles of equality, justice, liberty and our Constitutional right.

Even in a time of division and turmoil, our Republic stands strong today because of the dedication of the brave men and women who have served our country’s military.  Our nation stands proud today because of the service of our veterans to keep our country the free.


It was just past 3 am on Wednesday, November 09 in 2016 when the Election News Service driven by data from Edison Research allowed the Associated Press to declare GOP nominee Donald J. Trump – President Elect of the United States of America.  While that occurred voter tabulations were continuing in a number of closely contested states such as Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Yet, the mathematical probability clearly pointed to a victory for Mr. Trump.  Later that morning Mrs. Hillary Clinton called Mr. Trump to concede the election.  The following day, the President-Elect was invited to the White House to begin an orderly transition of power.

Now fast forward to this week, where some want to question the legitimacy of naming Joe Biden the President-Elect.  The news media outlets, including Fox News, called the election on Saturday using the same metrics and mathematical probabilities and statistical models that demonstrate a Biden victory.

Yes, votes are still being counted, some right here in North Carolina, but it is highly unlikely the election outcome for President Trump and Senator Thom Tillis will change as the last provisional and mail-in ballots are tabulated.  Yet, because there are nearly 140,000 votes outstanding, the state has not been called and won’t be until the county boards of election canvas and report final tallies on Friday.

For people who want to observe that process, it is a public meeting and the public will be welcomed – you find the information on where the meetings will be on the county’s election department website or calling your county board of elections.

Finally, it is important to note that every ballot in North Carolina is scanned allowing elections officials to track its status throughout the process – thus greatly eliminating any irregularities or fraudulent activities. If there are some who worry about fraud in the election process, it is there duty to present the concerns with evidence so they can be adjudicated.

We are a nation of laws and due process — we have to respect the process and the eventual outcomes.

Brad Crone is a Johnston County native, the former editor & publisher of The Clayton Star and has more than 30 years of experience as president of Campaign Connections, a Raleigh based political consulting firm.