Council Undecided On Fate Of Old Town Hall

With the opening of a new Selma Town Hall in the former First Citizens Bank building downtown earlier this year, the old town hall building has been vacant since the move.  Last week, town leaders discussed what to do with the old building, without reaching a consensus.

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver suggested during the Dec. 13th council meeting the building be appraised. However, Councilman William Overby said the Town needs to decide what to do with the building before spending money on an appraisal.

Councilman Mark Petersen said Selma could be sitting on a “cash cow.”   Overby pointed out several problems with the former town hall building including mold issues in the basement.

Councilman Tommy Holmes questioned why there were discussions about selling the building when the Town would likely have to buy a new building for the Parks and Recreation Department in the near future. The P&R Department is located in a house next to the public library. The house also has mold issues, Holmes said.  He suggested the parks and recreation department could move into the former town hall and tear down the house and paving the lot, which would add much needed parking at the library.

Holmes said the mold issue, mentioned by Overby, could likely be solved by filling up the small basement with clay.

Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Lacy said the old town hall was historic and wanted a thorough review before any action was taken.

At the request of Mayor Oliver and Councilman Petersen, Town Manager Jon Barlow agreed to gather addition data for the January board meeting on potential uses of the building, including the cost of a commercial appraisal for the property.