Fate Of Former Town Hall Delayed

Town leaders in Selma have temporarily postponed taking any action on the fate of the former Selma Town Hall.

In 2016, the Town Hall was relocated into the former First Citizens Bank Building on Raiford Street leaving the former building vacant.

Council members have been divided on what to do with the public building plus an adjacent storefront property.

The two properties have a combined tax value of $542,700 but an appraisal presented Tuesday night listed the value at $157,000.

Mayor Cheryl Oliver urged fellow town leaders to list the property for sale.

Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Lacy disagreed saying it has sentimental value and should not be sold.  “It’s a part of our town.”

Oliver replied if the property were sold it would help with Downtown Revitalization efforts, potentially adding a new business or a developer may eventually want to turn it into several floors of retail or apartments.

Councilman Tommy Holmes believes the building would best be used for office space for the Parks and Recreation Department and a police substation.

At the urging of Councilman Mark Petersen, the board agreed to table the matter indefinitely until a consensus could be reached.

The board was able to agree that a public hearing should be held to gather input from citizens on what should be done with the facility before any action is taken.