Driver Ejected, 2 Passengers Hurt When Car Crashes Into Yard Where Children Were Playing

Two adults and a child were injured when a car left the roadway Sunday afternoon and flipped end-over-end into the front yard of a home.

A car traveling southbound on Highway 39 North near Hatcher Road ran off the roadway and traveled 819 feet, rolling and flipping end-over-end, before landing on its remaining three wheels just a few inches from the side of a brick home.

The residents of the home were playing in the front yard with their young children when they heard the initial crash.  The mother grabbed the children and ran from the crashing car.   The crashing car hit a demolition derby vehicle parked next to the home and also a 3 year-old’s little battery powered car, but luckily didn’t strike anyone in the yard.

The female driver of the car was ejected. A male passenger and 6 year-old boy in the back seat were injured but were both wearing seatbelts and were not ejected.  All three were transported to the hospital.

The NC Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident. Troopers believe speed was a contributing factor.

Photos by John Payne