Father Charged With Murder After 3 Month-Old Son Dies

MIDDLESEX – Charges have been upgraded to murder against a Johnston County man previously charged with felony child abuse.

Andrew Chance Weckesser, age 27, of Reams Drive, Middlesex, a Johnston County address, was charged this morning (Wednesday) with murder in the death of his 3 month-old son, John Emric Weckesser.

On April 26th around 11:40pm, Johnston County deputies responded to WakeMed in Raleigh after the infant arrived with critical injuries. Deputies said the child was first taken to an urgent care facility where EMS was notified and they transported the child to WakeMed.

Hospital staff said the child had signs of trauma consistent with abuse, according to a news release. The child reportedly had been shaken and had two broken legs.

The infant had been on life support since arriving at Wake Med on April 26. On Monday, May 3, the infant died as a result of injuries sustained during the abuse, according to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Andrew Weckesser, who was already in the Johnston County Jail charged with two counts of felony child abuse, was served this morning with a murder warrant. He had previously been held under a $1 million bond. A judge today ordered that he be held without privilege of bail.


  1. This country don’t have the balls to utilize capital punishment anymore. They would rather be known as a bunch of spineless wimps.

    • There are many in this country (Democrats) that don’t have a problem with this. Once you’re fine with abortion at the moment of birth or leaving a child who survives an abortion to die alone in a closet, it isn’t that far of a stretch to advocate for post-birth abortion. It’s a difference of degree, not type.

      What stuns me is why anybody is stunned at the next domino of evil that falls.

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