I Never Thought I Would Get A Chance Like This!

Sherry Brackett, JCI Employment Specialist, Lane, and Craig Casey with Casey’s Florist in Princeton.

Thanks to JCI, a special young man has a very special job at a local florist.

Craig Casey of Casey’s Florist in Princeton worked with JCI and hired Lane last August.  His dream job is to become a florist and work in the floral industry.

Casey’s Florist staff coach Lane to learn various tasks at the florist.  Letha Rowsey is the main person who has been working with Lane.  Also, JCI’s Job Coaches have assisted with keeping Lane on schedule learning about what it takes to be a part of their team.

“Lane is a hard worker!  Everyone loves his personality and willingness to learn.  He started just like the rest of us who were interested in learning the business.  We are happy Lane is a part of our team”, said Letha Rowsey.

“Everyone starts out cleaning the buckets when they first become employed here, and Lane has mastered that task.  My staff is beginning to teach him how to green the vases for dozens and half dozens, floral design, and the other duties needed to keep our store running smoothly,” Craig Casey said

“We like to hire people, whether they come from JCI or not, without too much exposure to the floral business so that we can train them on how our operation runs.  Every new hire is trained from the bottom up because it makes everyone appreciate each other.  It doesn’t matter what the job is, be it washing buckets, delivery, design, processing, or selling; we work together as a team.  I told Lane when he first started working that washing the buckets is probably the most relevant job because if the flowers are not cared for properly, then they won’t last as long”, said Casey.

Lane at Casey’s Florist in Princeton.

“The most significant benefit of this opportunity for Lane is learning the hands-on operations, and for him to succeed in the business is the goal”, said Mr. Casey.

Sherry and I went to a few places to see if there were any jobs that might be a good fit for me.  After a couple of tryouts that were not a good match, she took me to Casey’s Florist.  I love my job and am happy for the opportunity to work here!  Everyone is very nice and helpful, and they are teaching me new things every day.  I never thought I would get a chance like this and want to say thank you.  The best part of working is learning new things and of course the pay.  I plan to save up money for college”, said Lane.

Lane is looking forward to going to school for horticulture and maybe one day owning a florist.

-JCI News Release