Jason Thompson Files For Re-election To Clayton Town Council

Councilman Jason Thompson has filed for re-election to the Clayton Town Council.  Thompson, a native of Clayton, is asking voters to elect him to a third term in office.

Thompson, a fiscal conservative, first ran in 2011 on a platform of being an advocate for those often under-served, specifically senior citizens and those on fixed incomes.

Thompson, a paramedic, has served in Emergency Services for 27 years, 20 of those in Clayton and many of those as Chief of Clayton EMS.  He attended NC State University, is a graduate of the paramedic program at Johnston Community College, and completed the EMS Management Institute at UNC Charlotte.  He is currently the Director and Chief Operating Officer of Samaritan Ambulance Service and serves as Johnston County Medical Examiner.

Thompson serves as the Town of Clayton’s delegate to the Triangle J Council of Government and served for four years as the Chairman of the Region J Advisory Council on Aging, supporting senior citizens in seven Triangle counties.

Thompson believes this is a critical time for the Town of Clayton as the town and region experience significant growth.  Thompson believes growth must be managed aggressively, and that council members should continue to focus on critical infrastructure needs as a top priority.

“I am seeking a third term in order to continue being a voice for our seniors and families on fixed incomes,” Thompson told JoCoReport. “We must be accountable to the tax payers and spend their money wisely. We are facing tremendous growth and I also want to continue using my public safety experience to help Clayton continue to be one of the safest towns in the state by giving our fire and police departments the tools they need in order to keep up the with increased demand for their services.”

In his spare time, Thompson enjoys travel, live music, and volunteering with Four Oaks EMS, where he has served for over twenty years.