JCC Seeking $75 Million Bond Referendum

SMITHFIELD – Johnston Community College wants a $75 million bond referendum to go before voters in November 2024. Interim JCC President Dr. Kenneth Boham appeared December 5, 2022 before Johnston County Commissioners making the request.

Dr. Boham said the JCC Board of Trustees recently voted to request the $75 million bond package to fund a number of projects, including future land acquisition, infrastructure, facility construction and remodeling, equipment upgrades and repairs.

County Commissioners took no formal action on the request.


  1. Yup, wait until interest rates are going UP to take a out loan… makes perfect sense — NOT. #TypicalJoCo

    • Why does that matter? That school needs it. They just updated the auditorium. The buildings are outdated, parking lots look like crap, no real sports teams, students are parking in the grass… I honestly hope they are given something.

      • @YouDontNeedtoKnow: “Why does that matter?” Are you really asking that? The difference in, say a 2% and 5% interest rate for $75M over 30 years amounts to nearly $9.5M *extra* interest payments. The fact that the JoCo commissioners have no problem wasting $9.5M of taxpayer money (and the fact that you don’t understand why interest rates matter) says a lot about the county. Maybe you don’t mind paying more than you need to, but us fiscal conservaties are tired of the waste! #FiscalEducationForEveryone

  2. Do they have a plan for this future land or are we just asking for a loan at a high interest rate just in case we need it?? This request seems rather vague!

  3. Why isn’t someone asking what they did with all the covid money they received? Also, why not use the land that they currently have on campus? No need to buy more when you already have it. I say no as well!!!

  4. Why is the college not under the jurisdiction of the county commissioners, when it comes to allocating money (as they are for the school board?) There is so much mud here I would not be in favor of any money allocated to the school board or the college. If you don’t have the cash, we shouldn’t build anything. And we are using money today from the 2018 bond? This is ridiculous.

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