JCPS Personnel Recommendations Approved

SMITHFIELD – During their May 14 meeting, the Johnston County Public School Board approved a requested by Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy to make the following personnel appointments:

Central Administrators (Two Year Contract)

  • Jennifer Jacobson – Accountability Coordinator
  • Selena Sutton – MTSS Coordinator
  • Chrystal Trammell – Data and Assessment Coordinator

Assistant Principal (Two Year Contract)

  • Michael Jones – Assistant Principal, Cleveland High School


    • Unfortunately or fortunately, they are legally responsible for showing how they address the needs of students throughout the academic spectrum and MTSS is a way to do that, and check the boxes required by federal and state regulations.

      • Bull. They don’t need a department to do that. Each school can determine their own intervention strategies to address student learning difficulties. It is a waste of taxpayer money. I know, I was in public schools for over 30 years and I have been through countless “trainings” on improving academic success. MTSS is just something schools spend money on and have zero impact on actual learning. In 5 years it will be replaced with another cash cow.

  1. How do these appointments to county office positions square with the mass layoffs of EC teachers, TAs/IAs, and some classroom teachers?

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