Johnston County ‘Back The Blue’ Parade Scheduled

Supporters of Johnston County law enforcement will be holding a Back the Blue parade this weekend.

Christopher Watson is organizing the event. He has been in public safety six years, three years with a fire department and three years as an EMT.  “I’ve worked alongside law enforcement officers on numerous occasions. Since watching the news and seeing several people protest to defund the police, I decided it was time we show our local law enforcement officers that we defend the police and have their backs. Our local law enforcement officers were very supportive to the community as we fought to become a Second Amendment sanctuary county, so I felt like they now needed our support so they know people still care and will defend them.”

Beginning at 10:00am this Saturday, October 3rd supporters are encouraged to meet in the parking lot of the former Kmart at 950 W. Market Street in Smithfield. The parade will start at 11:00am.

“We are having everyone decorate their vehicles with writing, flags, etc. showing support for our law enforcement officers here in Johnston County. During this difficult time, we want all of our law enforcement officers to know that they have our support. The parade will go throughout the whole county and pass by each local law enforcement agency. We will pass by Wilson’s Mills PD, Clayton PD, Benson PD, Four Oaks PD, Johnston County SHP (State Highway Patrol) Office, Princeton PD, Pine Level PD, Kenly PD, Micro PD, Selma PD, Smithfield PD and finish at the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office… We are hoping to make this a huge event for our local law enforcement officers,” Watson said.

“We want our law enforcement officers to know that we understand the pressure they face on a daily basis by just putting on that uniform and if something happened, they would have citizens who would have their backs,” Watson said.

Watson has created a Facebook page for more information and for those interested in signing up to participate.