Johnston County Teen Publishes Christian Book

A recent graduate of Neuse Charter School in Smithfield has published her first Christian Book.

Alexis “Lexi” Monet Howell of Selma is best known by her passion for reaching the broken and is using that connection to show everyone a God who breathes wholeness. Lexi says she has been called by God as a spiritual mentor to young girls, teens and ladies whose future is clouded by the cares of the world. She describes herself as a small-town girl with a big-time heart.

Alexis will publish her first book “Dear Broken Girl…” to be released next week.

Dear Broken Girl  is a book of Alexis’ life on full display. A book where she shares her life struggles in hopes that women of all ages will be able to relate. It’s a book to show that we are all broken. A book for those who believe the lies that they’re worthless, ugly or have no purpose to fulfill or even a life to live because they are broken beyond belief.

Dear Broken Girl lets women of all ages know that they are seen, loved, wanted, cherished, adored, and so much more by a God Who sees their beauty.

Lexi says Dear Broken Girl addresses those issues. It emphasizes that all women are the daughters of the One True and Living King and that royal blood flows through their veins. That even though society has placed labels on women, Jesus has placed a purpose and a promise within them.

In the book Lexi writes,  “It’s amazing how we would trade everlasting water for temporary droplets. We think being in a relationship, getting money, wearing the best clothes, looking the best for him is better than surrendering all to Jesus….. Popularity is not your purpose. A spouse is not your source. A man cannot complete you. Money cannot buy you happiness. TRUE satisfaction is found in the open arms of our Father! How dare we trade overflowing blessings for broken promises by broken people living broken lives! How dare we trade Christ’s love for the world’s lust! How dare we trade Jesus’ truth for Satan’s lies! May we remember that our Creator is far more valuable than the creations. May we hold onto the promises that He speaks, grace that He freely gives, and the love that He so willingly pours out for all of us!…… May we never trade eternity for temporary OR everlasting for emptiness OR truth for lies! May we never trade the ocean for droplets of water.”

Lexi will be signing copies of her book on Saturday, June 29th from 11:00AM until 1:00PM at Starbucks at 110 S. Equity Drive in Smithfield.   The cost is $10 per book, which can also be purchased on

Lexi is the daughter of Keith and Elmira Howell of Selma and the granddaughter of Annie Sanders Libert of Selma and James Buie of Smithfield. She has a big sister, Ashley Nicole Howell of Richmond, Virginia.

She plans to attend Campbell University this Fall where she will major in Social Work with a minor in Psychology.