Kyle Horton’s Campaign Manager Releases Statement On Loss To Rouzer

Incumbent US Congressman David Rouzer won re-election on Tuesday defeating Democratic challenger Dr. Kyle Horton. Rouzer carried 55.7 percent of the total votes case in the 9 county district. Rouzer had the most votes in 7 of the 9 counties including Johnston where he was the top vote-getter in 13 of the 14 precincts in the Seventh Congressional District.

Horton’s campaign manager Michael Barnhill released a statement Thursday about Dr. Horton’s loss.

“From Day 1, this campaign set out to build a grassroots movement for the people of the 7th District. After 18 months on the campaign trail, we have seen demonstrative shifts in the political makeup of Eastern North Carolina.”

“In NC-07, the Dr. Kyle campaign made up 10 points of ground over 2014’s results. The campaign also increased turnout across the 7th District, with 48,676 more total votes cast in 2018 than in the midterms of 2014. The Horton campaign raised over $871,000 from 8,609 individual contributors and made over 400,000 voter contact attempts that extended to every corner of the District.”

Barnhill continued, “While we weren’t able to overcome the odds this time in an unconstitutional district, there is a rising tide across North Carolina of citizens who are tired of the status quo. Dr. Kyle’s message resonated with the people of NC-07 and is poised for victory in 2020 in a fair district.”

Dr. Kyle Horton conceded at a celebration in New Hanover County, “We fearlessly took on a career politician who funds his campaigns with dirty and dark money — one who advances the agenda of corrupt special interests at the expense of everyday North Carolinians.” She continued, “But our strong showing put the Washington establishment insiders, career politicians, and big money special interests on notice that NC-07 wants a new leader who’ll put our families first for a change.”