Man Fires Gun To Stop Juveniles Who Defrauded Him, Police Say

Two juveniles are facing charges after police said they defrauded a man who thought he was buying a Playstation video game system for Christmas.

It happened around Noon last Saturday on Barbour Road in West Smithfield.

Police Chief Keith Powell said two juveniles listed a video game system for sale on the website.  A man from Cumberland County responded to the ad and drove to Smithfield and met the sellers.

The man told police he paid $150 for the video game system and was handed a bag which was suppose to contain the item. Instead it contained a brick.

Chief Powell said as the two juveniles attempted to flee on foot, the man fired a gun into the ground.   Police were called and following an investigation charged the two juveniles with obtaining property by false pretenses.  The $150 was recovered and returned to the victim.

Chief Powell said officers will consult with the Johnston County District Attorney to determine if the man will face any charges for discharging the weapon into the ground.  It is against the law to discharge a firearm in the city limits.

No injuries were reported.