More Providers And New Acute Care Service At Benson Area Medical Center

Two new providers recently joined Benson Area Medical Center (BAMC) to deliver high-quality, compassionate care to patients, and the Center has started an acute care service.

“We welcome Dr. Amy-Jo Bekong and Mr. Myron Adams, certified physician assistant, to our team,” said William Massengill, CEO. “The addition of providers allows us to treat more patients and provide additional services. Myron Adams has taken on a special new service to provide acute care for patients whose primary provider’s schedule is full. This is a great benefit for our patients and our providers, who genuinely care about the well-being of their patients.”

Acute Care Service
The Acute Care Service gives BAMC patients with immediate needs the opportunity to be seen at their own doctor’s office where their medical records are kept and where they are familiar with the facility and the staff. “It is a great benefit to someone who is not feeling well to be seen where their medical records can quickly be accessed,” said Myron Adams, PA-C. “This helps ensure patient safety. For example, being able to review a patient’s medications before prescribing a new medication to avoid negative drug interactions.”

“Also, when you are not feeling well, it’s a comfort to be in a familiar place with familiar people. And it can be financially better in many cases. An established patient will pay their standard office visit co-pay for the acute care visit and not an urgent care co-pay and fees.”

Adams continues, “Patients will need to call for an appointment, but most of the time can be seen the same day. Also, keep in mind this is not emergency service. Be sure to call 911 in case of an emergency.”

Amy-Jo Bekong, DO
Dr. Bekong started her medical career as a Staff Licensed Practice Nurse working in a nursing home with mostly geriatric patients. From there she transitioned into medical school, a pre-doctoral fellowship, and most recently a residency with Campbell University and Harnett Health. During her residency, she served as clinical faculty with the Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine where she taught third and fourth year medical students on how to apply foundational knowledge to clinical practice and patient care. She chose to be part of the BAMC team because “everyone is very friendly, the staff is supportive and dedicated, and you feel at home when you get here.”

“I look forward to taking care of patients at Benson Area Medical Center,” said Bekong. “I enjoy medicine and am especially interested in adolescent health, geriatrics, and women’s health. My family and I have made a home here. We love the area and the people.”

Myron Adams, PA-C
Myron Adams is a lifelong member of this community who graduated from Midway High School and the Campbell University Physician Assistant Program. He was drawn to the medical profession out of a desire to participate in expanding healthcare access here in our area. Mr. Adams chose to be part of the BAMC team because of the practice’s community involvement and opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary healthcare team.

“I am very happy to be serving patients at Benson Area Medical Center,” said Adams. “My focus will be acute care, where I will provide patients the opportunity to be seen more quickly in their time of need.”

About Benson Area Medical Center
Benson Area Medical Center (BAMC), established in 1979, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It is a federally certified rural health center providing primary healthcare to more than 12,000 residents of Johnston, Harnett and Sampson counties. BAMC has eight medical providers and a clinical pharmacist. In addition to their mission of providing quality, compassionate care, the Center also serves as a training site for many future pharmacists, physician assistants and physicians.