NC House Speaker Introduces Resolution To Term Limit Congress

Rep. Donna White co-sponsors legislation

RALEIGH State House Speaker Tim Moore (District 111) has introduced HJR172 resolution for North Carolina to join other states in calling for a national convention for proposing a congressional term limits amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The effort is supported by the nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit, U.S. Term Limits (USTL). It is expected to be heard in the House Judiciary committee next.

Aside from Speaker Moore, several other members of the state house cosponsored the legislation: Rep. Mike Clampitt (District 119), Rep. Jeffrey C. McNeely (District 84), Rep. Wayne Sasser (District 67), Rep. Jery Carter (District 65),  Rep. John R. Bradford (District  98), Rep. Mark Brody (District 55), Rep. Dudley Greene (District 85),  Rep. Jon Hardister (District 59), Rep. Kelly E. Hastings (District 110), Rep. Chris Humphrey (District 12), Rep. Erin Paré (District 37), Rep.  Howard Penny Jr. (District 53), Rep. Mark Pless (District 118),  Dennis Riddell (District 64), Rep. Donna White (District 26), and Rep. Jeff Zenger (District 74).

In addition, thirty-five members of the North Carolina legislature have signed the pledge to support the term limits on Congress resolution.

According to Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director of USTL, “There are two ways to propose an amendment for term limits: through the Congress or through the states at a national convention. That is why it is important to get support from state legislators, and sponsors like Speaker Moore, to call for a convention to discuss the details of the amendment.”

Tomboulides notes, “More than 73% of North Carolina voters have rejected the career politician model and want to replace it with citizen leadership. The way to achieve that goal is through a congressional term limits amendment. Moore knows this and is willing to work to make sure we reach our goal.”

A poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates shows that of likely voters in North Carolina support term limits on Congress, including strong support across party lines. 79% of Republicans, 68% of Democrats, and 71% of independents in the poll support this important election reform.

If passed in both the house and senate this session, North Carolina will join other states in the call for an Article V convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing term limits on the U.S. Congress. Once 34 state legislatures pass similar resolutions on the topic and approve the term limits amendment, it must be ratified by three-fourths (38) of the states to become part of the U.S. Constitution.

In 1995, the Supreme Court ruled in US Term Limits Inc. v. Thornton that states may not impose qualifications for members of Congress that are stricter than those written in the Constitution. Therefore, the only way to impose term limits on Congress would be through a constitutional amendment.


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