New Home Construction Starts Down Slightly In October

New housing starts in Johnston County were down slightly last month but officials say it’s only temporary.  In October 2019, permits were issued for 139 new single family homes, down from 145 permits obtained in October 2018.  The average value of a home permitted in October 2019 was $169,416.

Dean Barbour, Director of Johnston County Building Inspections said, “The building numbers are tapering off due to the seasonal slowdown. With school starting back, the State Fair, and the approach of the holiday season, this trend may continue. In the past, construction slowed through the winter months with building construction picking back up with the approach of spring.”

Even with the seasonal slowdown, for the last three winters Barbour says he has still seen some growth in new housing starts in the winter months due to more tract builders in the area.

In October, the Inspections Department issued 16 permits for singlewides and doublewides, and 4 commercial construction permits. Those numbers are also down slightly.

Inspectors passed 4,861 inspections and failed 1,350 in October.

The department collected $228,220.90 in fees last month, up from $204,101.40 in October 2018.