New Information Released In Death Of 10 Month-Old Killed By Family Dogs

WILLOW SPRING – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office released additional information Wednesday surrounding the death of a 10 month-old killed by two family dogs.

Deputies and EMS responded to Riparian Court, Willow Spring just after 8:00pm Tuesday to a reported animal attack.

Officers arrived and made contact with Scott Winberry, the father. Winberry was rendering aid to his daughter, Malia Scott Winberry.

Photo by Thomas Honeycutt

Deputies learned Winberry’s family pets, two Rottweiler’s, had violently attacked Malia after he had stepped outside for a couple of minutes. While he was outside speaking with a neighbor, Mr. Winberry heard the dogs and ran back inside to find his daughter had been attacked. Deputies started CPR and EMS crews continued life saving efforts but they were unsuccessful.

Johnston County Animal Control responded and now has custody of the two dogs involved in the attack.

Photo by Thomas Honeycutt

Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Caldwell said Wednesday the incident has been determined to be a “tragic accident.”

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Scott Winberry and Bianca Patel for the tragic loss of their 10 month old daughter, Malia Scott Winberry,” Captain Caldwell said in a news release.


  1. Sad situation. Don’t understand why anyone would leave an infant alone with two Rottweilers for any amount of time.

      • There’s no judgement divulged in Doc’s comment. It’s okay to not understand why people do certain things, it’s okay to question, and it’s okay to be vocal in the face of tragedy.

        You might be an animal lover, but humans, especially children, have much more value than dogs (and that’s an earnest judgement call on my part).

      • The minimal knowledge I have is an infant was left alone with two Rottweilers and mauled to death. It’s a sad situation.

        • It’s so easy to judge. These parents have to live with this the rest of their lives. They do not need to see comments of others passing judgment on them. Rottweilers or not, ANY dog can kill!!

          • Yes, and that is why you DON’T leave ANY little child alone, even for a few minutes with a ANY dog, let alone two. P.S. we are NOT passing judgment, just making an observation based on common sense, that’s all. My heart goes out for these parents over their tragic loss. We all make mistakes. It doesn’t mean we aren’t good parents. Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, etc. are more prone to these outbursts and because of their size and strength, these accidents are often FATAL. THESE ARE FACTS!

    • I know this family and these dogs were Malia’s best friends and protectors. Something went horribly wrong and anyone judging these parents is a crap human. Period.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope many see this and never put babies around these type of dogs.

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