New Policy Bans All Sex Offenders From Johnston County Schools

The Johnston County School Board has adopted a policy that would ban all registered sex offenders from all property and facilities owned by Johnston County Public Schools.

The school system adopted the policy this month. Until now, the school system did not have a formal policy providing guidance to schools and exceptions in the case of student sex offenders.

Under the policy, registered sex offenders from North Carolina and other states are banned from being on any school property, including school buildings, athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots, school buses, activity buses, including attending sporting events or school-related functions during or after school hours.

The policy applies to all sex offenders regardless of their relationship with a student in the school system.

Any employee who suspects a registered sex offender is on schools grounds is required to report it immediately to the superintendent and law enforcement.

There are a few exceptions to the new policy. For example, when a school building is used as a voting precinct sex offenders will be allowed on campus. However, the policy still requires the sex offender to notify the principal of the school they are a sex offender and they must remain at all times in the section of the school being used as a polling place.  The voter must leave school grounds immediately after voting.

If a parent or guardian is a sex offender, they can request written permission from the principal to be present at school at a specific time for a specific event such as a meeting with school personnel to discuss their child’s academic progress or for transportation. During each visit, the parent or guardian must arrange to meet a staff member at the edge of the school property, check in at the principal’s office when arriving and leaving, and remain under direct supervision of school personnel at all time.

Sex Offender Students
If a student enrolled in the school system is a registered sex offender they will first have to receive permission by the school board to attend classes.  If approval is granted, they will only be allowed to go to a school campus to receive educational services.  The student would also have to be supervised by school personnel at all times.

Additional conditions and restrictions could also be imposed by the school board.

Contract Personnel
Individuals and businesses that have a contract with Johnston County Schools that would require employees to perform tasks or deliver products to school property must conduct annual checks of the State Sex Offender Registry to make sure the workers are not sex offenders.  Anyone who is a sex offender will not be allowed on school property for any reason and cannot have direct contact with children for any reason.