Important Fact About Future Subdivision Must Be Disclosed To All New Homeowners

Town Council Approves 669 Lot Subdivision Plat Map With Added Disclosure Requirement

The 669 unit Floyd’s Landing subdivision will be built just to the east of the Johnston County Airport (show to the left in this map) and across US Highway 70 from a new Amazon distribution warehouse. Map courtesy Town of Smithfield

SMITHFIELD – Individuals who buy a home in a future West Smithfield residential development will have to acknowledge a key fact about the subdivision before purchasing.

Floyd’s Landing, a massive residential housing development on West Market Street (US 70) across from an Amazon distribution warehouse currently under construction, was rezoned by the Smithfield Town Council in September 2021. The 198 acre tract of land was originally approved for 698 units.

In May 2022, developers returned for approval of the preliminary subdivision plat. The total number of lots was adjusted from the original 698 units to 669 dwellings.

Phil Lanier, Director of the Johnston County Regional Airport, spoke during a public hearing. Mr. Lanier said he wanted it on record that the west side of the 198 tract borders the airport property and the subdivision is within the flight path of the airport.

Mr. Lanier said airplanes would frequently pass over the future homes at heights of 500 feet or less, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lanier said he would be the one getting phone calls at 3:00am from individuals wanting to know why planes were flying so low over their homes.

At the urging of Mayor Andy Moore, the town council agreed to place an added condition on the subdivision plat approval. The condition would require the developer to disclose to all new home buyers their homes are within the flight path of the regional airport.

Other standard conditional requirements included decorative street lighting, subdivision signs, landscaping and buffering plans, landscaping berms and fencing, and trash and recycling roll off containers in the townhome areas must be stored within the garages or in the rear yards.

The council voted unanimously to approve the preliminary plat will all the conditions, including the airport flight path disclosure.

Developers announced that Floyd’s Landing would be built in three phases. Under the proposed phasing, Phase 1 would end in 2023 with construction of 47 townhomes, 48 detached single-family homes, and 96 apartments. Phase 2 would end in 2024 with 88 townhomes, 41 detached single-family homes, and 144 apartments. Phase 3 would end in 2025 with completion of 85 townhomes and 120 apartments.

Amazon Traffic Median Crossover Concerns
Viewing the proposed Floyd’s Landing entrances, Councilmen Travis Scott and David Barbour expressed concern about future Amazon warehouse truck traffic using a crossover-turnaround on W. Market Street (US 70 Business) near the subdivision. Mr. Scott requested town staff contact the NC DOT to see if any improves could be made to the proposed crossover, or potentially relocating the crossover to a signalized intersection.

Smithfield Town Council members are concerned the turnaround for vehicles, including Amazon trucks from westbound to eastbound US 70 (left circle), is not at a signalized intersection and could potentially back up traffic and create safety issues. The right circle shows one of the entrances to the proposed Floyd’s Landing development. Town of Smithfield Map


  1. I congratulate Mr. Lanier for his foresight regarding this new subdivision. So many times people move to a neighborhood and didn’t realize they were in the flight path at an airport.

  2. It’s not wanted or welcome! Poorly built slab houses and over priced apartments. People stacked on top of one another like rats in a cage. (I will never understand why ANYONE would want to live in a place like that!) Crowding our roads, our schools and our once peaceful towns and county. I hope this entire project is met with nothing but problems so much so that the investors and developers lose every penny. **Same goes for all the other Cookie-Cutter Subdivisions popping up in this County!** BUNCH OF CONFORMIST

    • Wow! Don’t hold back now! 🙂 Home communities are great for a large sector of the population. It may not be YOUR particular taste, but for many people it’s amazing! Less yard to maintain, friends in close proximity, county sewer and water sytem, potentially less cost per square foot, various amenities, etc. Sometimes having a positive outlook on things makes all the difference.

        • No, sir! Not a fan of the city life. And I live on acreage. That’s my taste preference. Not going to insult folks that have different tastes than myself though. 🙂

  3. Poor choice for placement of homes and likewise for approval by Smithfield. We have to use more common sense.

  4. Ahhh, more subdivisions packed with apartments, townhomes and houses. That should solve the traffic, crime,utilities,infrastructure problems in Johnston county. Schools should be over crowded either. They should charge the developer a $20,000 per dwelling impact fee to help ease all of the extra roads,classrooms, teachers, fire and police they are going to need

    • Water tap fees = $3,090 per lot. Annual Property Taxes ($0.73 per $100 property value) is $7,300 per $1M. A project like this is well over $100,000,000. Annual property taxes on $100M= $730,000. Take that and multiply by 10 years – $7.3M of tax revenue on real property. Don’t have time to list all the income for the county if this development brings new residents to the county. Got to keep in mind that many folks just shuffle from place to place within the same county lines.

      • All about money? What about quality of life and services for people already here? Services and maintenance always lag because they are reactively managed. Infrastructure must be maintained. Already looking for a new rural environment. That is why I moved here to begin with.

        • My $$ response was to Russell regarding the $20,000 charge per lot to the developer. Clearly, the developer or owner pays much more than that over time. The problem with almost every existing municipality is the “reaction vs preparation” method. Even Planned Urban Developments end up with infrastructure issues. And I’m with you – I prefer the rural life (with modern conveniences within 20-30 minutes). 🙂

      • Report: Nearly $100 Million Needed For Additional County Government Office Space

        Jocoproud, there goes that 100mil. You were Talkin’ about. Hahahahaha

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