Paige Johnson’s New Music Video To Appear On CMT

Things are certainly moving ahead for Angier singer/songwriter Paige King Johnson thanks to Country Music Television’s decision to premiere her latest video “Just Like You.”

It will begin airing on the network Thursday, Nov. 19 at a time yet to be announced.

“From the beginning of this video planning process, I had CMT in mind as a goal premiere partner,” Johnson said. “I mean, growing up as a child I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday mornings sitting in front of the TV watching new videos that had come out that week from my heroes. And now to be able to say that I am going to have my music on there alongside so many other great artists is mind-blowing.”

Johnson was able to get the video in front of CMT officials thanks to the hard work of her behind-the-scenes team, Leslie Fram and others at the network.

“We sent it over to them, and they loved it — thankfully,” she said. “We spoke back and forth and I was able to meet part of the CMT staff on a Zoom call to share some more songs and help them get to know me more.”

The song was penned alongside co-writer Reagan Rousseau, a friend Johnson met while attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. The two spent about two hours bringing the song to life. It was right around the time Johnson had written her first Extended Play release of “Water Down the Whiskey,” which hit the music scene in 2019.

The Angier native got help on the video itself from one of her favorite country artists of all time.

“This video has been a whole work of art separate from the writing and recording,” she said. “I was able to work with one of my country music heroes, Pam Tillis, to create the storyline for the video and overall idea. She was such a joy to work with back and forth for months on how exactly we wanted to bring this song to life in video form.”

Johnson also credits the video for one other thing.

“I learned so much from the whole process and found a whole new love for this song of mine through it,” she said. “I’m so ready for everyone to be able to finally see it and hear their thoughts.”

“Just Like You” is currently available for download on outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and YouTube.

-Dunn Daily Record